Friday, 2 June 2017

Leather Tote Bags For Women

Shop the new range of sleek and stylish ladies tote bags

Blue is such a cheerful, bright and a positive color.

I always prefer a bag in simple yet elegant style with no more extra designing. When I saw this wonderful tote, I knew it will be perfect to bring on a day out!

When summer is in full swing, then a stylish bag is a perfect way to make you even more colorful.

Item Details:
  • Curved edge design
  • Unusual handle feature

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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Everyday usage: 4 Essential Ladies Handbags

It is difficult to believe that a woman goes outside without a bag or purse. Handbag is the best source to carry all the needy items in a safe manner. When you really have a desire to hold a bag for every time you go out then why not choose the gorgeous handbag that compliment your look and outfit as well. Handbags are usually matched with all shades of an outfit and of course on all occasion if your handbag choice is good. Here is the list of 4 gorgeous ladies handbags available at >><< online UK store. For online shopping of trendy, stylish ladies cheap handbags, visit this store. They have an amazing and superb collection of fashion bags.

Black Beauty Handbag
The black colour is always decent and looks great with every outfit. This bag is spacious enough to store your belongings when you want to take them outside. It has a double compartment with zipping pockets. The choice is yours to buy in black or another colour.

Luxury Women Handbags Online

Dark Grey Beauty Handbag
Some bags are so stylish in shape and design that ladies cannot wait to buy them immediately. Something similar is about this bag. It’s functional and comfortable. Fashion emergence design adds more charm to you.

Ladies Cheap Handbags Online Shopping

Green Beauty Handbag
The exotic green colour bag looks gorgeous when you match with dark coloured dresses. Whether you choose the dark or light green colour, this bag gives you an eye catchy look always.

Ladies Leather Tote Bags

Line Designing Handbag
Line designing handbag highlights the look of the bag, making it magnificent and fancy enough to be carried on business events. It has got a very chic and deluxe design. The lined bag is perfect for light use and to hold a mobile phone, lipstick, small purse, keys etc.

have best women handbags

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Monday, 29 May 2017

Different Cross Body Bags Patterns To Choose

Whether it is casual or formal, crossbody bags are always in fashion. Having its amazing usability and classic look, they are always in demand. They are reinventing and redesigning to make your outfit so stylish. Let’s look into latest styles, patterns of beautiful ladies leather crossbody bags online.

Saddle Bags
This type of cross-body bag design had made a thundering rebound and set all recent fashion in bags ablaze. With a long strap, these regularly medium to little-measured bags are recognized by their top folds and bent bottoms. Successfully giving a modest feel, this style is making an awesome impression in street fashion.

Quilted Pattern
The quilted pattern gives the unique elegance which demands no more embellishments. This pattern is quite in fashion for small cross body bags. Spacious adequate to carry belongings and easy to carry, this goes well for both formal as well as the casual outfit. Quilted pattern with gold or silver metal studs works wonder. You can blend any outfit by simply wear it around the body.

Messenger Bags
These generally come with a long strap and extra large in size. Sturdy and water-resistant, it gives you a new look in the spring summer season. These stylish and practical bags are a terrific daily wear. They are also suitable for a short trip.

Hippy Bags
This cross body bag comes with long straps so that the bag lay nicely on the hips to radiate a classy look. This style is best used in hobo, tote bag designs. Floral prints, hues mixes and can be easily found in these hippy bags. The collection of styles, designs, and colors in this type is just stunning. Not only they are extremely beautiful and popular for ladies of all age groups, but on the other hand is also hit among men's fashion bags too. Great and classic, these are sufficiently enough to carry all your needy items and are great for all events.

These were the popular cross-body leather patterns and designer bags. Just pick the best one suitable for your own body shape, individual style, budget and definitely the dress you are going to match it with.

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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Weekend Trip Must Have Leather Bags

Buy Leather Bags Online Cheap

A weekend trip is the best way to beat the summer heat, refresh the mood as well as overcome the office work stress. Nothing is more distressing than planning a relaxing weekend, having enjoyment with family or friends. Now the weekend plan is made, but packing for it can be confusing. You don’t worry about that just because you need to choose the best leather bags which are designed to cater the weekend packing needs. These ideal fashion statements are practical and useful.

Let’s look into some of the leather bags online for holidays which have enough space, yet are very classy to carry:-

Leather Rolling Bag
The greatest benefit of a rolling or moving leather bag is that it mitigates the shoulders and back of any load. People treat it as the best bag for traveling. Just simply pull the handle and roll the wheels connected to the base of the bag. These are perfect if you want to carry some extra things with heavy luggage such as a laptop with no negotiation on support, comfort or style. Accessible in various designs, styles, colors and patterns, they are with you particularly for your last minute decision of the week getaway. Aside from being stylish, their different compartments make for sorted out packing.

Leather Rolling Bag

Leather Weekender Bag
These bags have large length than height or width. Functional and spacious, these bags can be easily carried in one hand or put inside a car without any worry. Being lightweight because of nonattendance of any wheels, they can pack into themselves, a lot of apparatus of a hurried or indiscreet packing. Stylish and durable, weekender leather bag is an ideal option for short trips.

Leather Weekender Bag

Leather Tote Bags
These are roomy handbags whose handles are normally large enough to simply be worn over the shoulders. Generally, they come with two straps. As they are spacious to hold a multitude of items, they are also perfect for short trips. Normally comes in rectangular shape, they may or may not have inner sections. Adjacent to open totes, the ones with zippers or magnetic closures are best. Sometimes featuring decorative tassels and studs, and available in different designs and colors, they are a perfect daily wear bag.

Women Tote Bags Online UK

Leather Backpack or Rucksack
Extremely elegant and durable, their ease of access and convenience is totally unmatched. Some people treat it as the more spacious bag than a briefcase. They are available in cute style like retro having padded shoulder straps to relieve your shoulder of any burden. Their multiple compartments are not well suited for packing, but they are work also as a good protector of a laptop, tablet, and cell phone. They are ideal for traveling, climbing or short trips.

Leather Backpack or Rucksack

All leather bags are handy, durable as well as practical. They are a perfect mix of style and versatility. In any case, while looking for a weekend leather bag, the leather type should also consider because each shows diverse characteristics. So, which of your preferable weekend bag? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Ladies Hats Online

Whatever be the season, every woman wants to look glamorous and flaunt her beauty. But summer is the best time to look smart and beautiful under the sun on the beach. Outfit is not the last option to display your look. Some accessories are also there that make you more beautiful and without them, your style is not complete like the bracelet, pendant, necklace, rings, and more. This is also the time when your head needs more protection from direct sunlight so trendy ladies hats are the best option to choose.

Choosing The Right Hat

A hat can be the finest way for you to accent your style and add a little bit of playful and colour to your dress. Choose a black hat with broad edges and a round vertex with a band. Rest you can choose the other dark colours of your choice. When on the beach, wearing a light coloured outfit, the white hat looks very beautiful on you.

Cap is also the good option alternate to the hat. Caps always look better with jeans or sporty outfit.

Brimmed Hats
During summer, choose the brimmed hats to protect your face and head from the sun.

Ladies Brimmed Hats Online

Striped Straw Hats
Women love to wear the hat with stripes for a striking summer. This hat is big and soft and made of a soft material. You can comfortably wear on sizzling days.

Ladies Striped Straw Hats Online

Super Floppy Hats
These are called super floppy because it covers up to 22 inches of your face, protecting it from harmful sun rays. They are flexible and can be safely packed in a suitcase.

Women Super Floppy Hats Online

Cotton Beach Sun Hats
Cotton beach sun hats are the women first choice to take on the beach. It is made of cotton fabric.

Ladies Cotton Beach Sun Hats Online

Fringed Sun Hats
Fringes always add a wonderful look to whatever they are attached to. These sun hats look attractive and would match a set of your cool summer dresses.

Women Fringed Sun Hats Online

Fedora Hats
Now, spice up your look with fedora hats throughout the summer season. These hats will never fail to get you to the styling you are searching for. 

Ladies Fedora Hats Online

Summer is the great time to know more about the fashion style. Therefore, try to select a hat that suits your style and make your look different.

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Friday, 19 May 2017


At whatever point you are traveling around, you have something to carry with you without a doubt. Regardless of whether it is a little outing or a long one, you don't need your hands to be settled with lots of stuff. Having a bag is really useful and comfortable. Your all things are easily arranged and can be effortlessly carried than taking them in your hands.

Carrying a women cheap handbag is not just useful in having items safe, but they also spice up your outfits. The backpack is the ideal way to hold your essentials in style. You can also enjoy long days, longer nights, and of course endless adventures with the cool and durable backpacks. All your needy items in one place and that trendy bag make you gorgeous, totally. Even women with their charming and gorgeous dresses can also hold the designer clutch.

Whenever you go on your trips, how to pick up luggage is a big trouble. For this, you choose a trolley bag that moves the luggage easily. The leather tote bags or handbags are designed in such a way that everyone wants to buy it. You can free your hands without perturbing about the items to drop from the bag.

Everybody needs the security of their things. When you go on outings, you're generally on a strange place. You don't know who are trustworthy and where to guard your things. So security is a must. Bags are important here once more. Many bags come with inbuilt locks or the password system. So, load your items in a bag and lock them well.

There are also some bags that weigh truly less. Particularly the slouchy or the adaptable ones are lighter. It even consumes less space to store the items. Place your all things in it. 

You can also use some bags as a sleeping bag. If you have a sleeping bag, then you can sleep anywhere comfortably. Just fold it and expand it, your needs will be fulfilled. According to your requirements, you can also make resizable bags.

You can get unique handbags design and even matching ones online. There are great bags made of solid materials that are sturdy. So in case you are out on a daring trip then you have a solid bag to go with you.

Come and check out shop to see women handbags:

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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Leather Women Cheap Handbags Shopping

When it comes to getting the right fashion accessory, a handbag is on the top list of women. Some of us love to match a bag with the outfit we wear for the occasion. Most ladies do not want to carry the same purse daily and for that, it’s important to shop for cheap women leather handbags online from the right seller. Having more than one purse means that you can wear it with any dress. The stylish bags function impressively for your monetary plan and with your closet, without spending a clutter of money.

There is a different style of stylish and branded purses. These bags patterns and design are in rich quality. They go well with your style and choice. Some are great for daily use and some compliment to your night wear. You can buy any bag to be used every day, it is not necessary to be a designer. For a particular function or party, when you like to have a bag, be sure to look at which clothes it will look good. If you have already decided your clothes, then buy a matching bag with it. For example, clutch suits well with gowns and tote suits well with the casual outfit such as jeans, top and a pair of sunglasses. Categorize according to brand, colour, there are wonder variety of women handbags available online in gorgeous styles.

ladies handbags online uk

Selection of a right handbag is not easy. Many things need to consider such as quality, durability, material, water resistant etc. Along with buying a bag according to the need, keep in mind that it should be trendy and in demand. You can choose online bags to explore your life. Bags come in various categories such as:

• Leather Satchel
• Clutch or Evening Bag
• Cross-body
• Beach Bag
• Medium-sized Shoulder Bag
• Fashionable Tote
• Rucksack or Backpack
• Iconic Bag
• Novelty Bag

The woman buys handbags with great excitement and these are highly demanded over online. Daily items can carry in a safe manner. Nowadays, there are so many lovely and beautiful bags design available which the woman wants to carry so that she always looks good. Stay in fashion with the good choice of handbag.

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Monday, 15 May 2017

Tips To Get The Best Tote Bag That Reflect Your Personality

A good handbag is a day to day essential that doesn’t have to be tedious. Women fashion tote bags are now very popular today. Tote comes in large size with having zipper or closure. They usually come in a variety of designs and shapes and are made of leather, canvas, polyester, suede.

Whole Budget may incorporate reused canvas handbags proffered under the markets and grocery stores, and top-class ones, the shape of the designer accessories are making an enormous splash on runways. Chic and stylish tote gives you graceful look instantly. High quality bags are generally made of faux leather, canvas that adds the “wow” factor to women wardrobe. However, these bags are priced in dollars or pounds.

tote bag for women

Consider some tips to select the right tote bag to suit your budget.

What do you want to carry?

If you are using for the documents, books, then shop the big size tote made from durable material. For casual parties or outing, select the lighter material with nice designs.

Another is Dimension?

Larger tote allocates more space to keep items safe and secure. Your daily essentials will help you to decide the perfect tote.

Should the tote have compartments?

The tote bag should have compartments so that you can keep your favorite items separately. If there is a single compartment in the bag, then all your things will get together and you will have trouble finding it. Choose the bag with several zippers or compartments to obtain the items quickly.

women leather tote bag online uk

There are several bags to choose that best compliments your style. Expensive or luxurious tote bag should be practical and graceful. It is not complex to select the great handbag. Firstly, prepare your mind and after that prefer the right one. Branded women bags are always beautiful. Cheap or inexpensive also come in lovely designs. 

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Friday, 12 May 2017

Different Styles To Wear Scarves

Scarves for Women

Scarf is the most versatile yet stylish clothing accessory. It comes in almost every colour that matches easily with any outfit. But it is difficult to think when you wear it and how you wear it. Of course, you will not able to wear scarves, in the same way, every day. Change is the rule of life, isn’t right? A long scarf can give you the cowls and folds while the square scarf cannot. At that point, you must know to wear one piece of fabric in a million and one ways.

Rectangular Scarf

Men and women use it to give themselves a protection from pollution, heat or tanning.

Let’s know to tie a rectangular scarf in many ways.

Square Shape

1. Wrap a long scarf around the back of your neck so that the closures hang equitably in the front.
2. Tie the closures of the scarf together once at an agreeable separation beneath your throat.
3. Finish the closures again in a similar heading to the wrap-up.

How to tie a scarf in square shape
square shape

Slip Knot

1. Fold scarf fifty-fifty.
2. Drape around the neck, even on both sides.
3. Put the nearest end through the loop.
4. Contort loop over, far from your body.
5. Put remaining end through contorted loop.
6. Draw to wanted tightness. All done!

How to tie a scarf in slip knot
slip knot

DIY Infinity

1. Fold a scarf in half lengthwise.
2. Tie the ends together in a knot form.
3. Now rotate it around your neck twice.
4. Enjoy your infinity scarf.

DIY Infinity Scarf
DIY Infinity

Square Scarf

The Middle East and Saudi Arabian countries have a large popularity of this type of scarf. Along with being stylish, people like to wear it too much. A square scarf is elegant, graceful to style and looks wonderful when worn bundled up.

Let’s see the different ways to tie a square scarf.

The Double Loop

1. Divide the scarf in half and wrap around your neck.
2. Make a loop on the closed end.
3. Pull the other end through the loop.
4. Twist the loop and pull the scarf trough again the loop.

How to tie a scarf in double loop
the double loop


1. Fold a scarf in a triangle shape.
2. Place the ends around the backside of the neck.
3. Tie the ends now.
4. Lets the ends tuck under the front triangle.

How to tie a scarf as a muffler

Head Scarf or Hijab

In hijab style, a woman keeps the body, head, and hairs well covered. It’s usually worn by Muslim ladies. 

Let’s check the different ways to style hijab.

1. Fold the scarf into a triangle and hold it from the chin.
2. Place scarf on your head with one side longer than the other and one underneath the chin.
3. Take longer side and clothe it behind wrapping your head and pass on to the next side.
4. Put the scarf following your head and at the shoulder.
5. Job is done.

Hijab Style

Hope you enjoyed my post. Have a nice weekend to all! πŸŒΌπŸŒΊπŸ’πŸ€—

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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Guide To Choose A Backpack

Rucksack or backpack is the vital accessory for a long journey or traveling. The problem comes when the right bag is taken at a good price. Sometimes the purpose of taking a bag becomes much more important than how it seems; this is happen in the case of buying the right backpack. There are plenty of backpacks benefits, but its biggest advantage is that we can load huge stuff in it.

Why backpack should buy?

A backpack would be safely secured to you and would be less inclined to cause a slip. If you are not used to conveying a rucksack there is a straightforward test you can do which might be a significant eye-opener. Next time you are out shopping or move to work observe which shoulder or arm you normally convey your bag. On the return travel try to convey the bag on the inverse side of your body, surely this will give the uncomfortable feel. So the lifting a load on one side can be unsafe and should be ignored if we want our health in good condition. Backpack is the good option to carry a weight without straining a muscle.

buy laptop backpacks online

What should be look for when purchasing a backpack?

Firstly thing need to decide when you will be use the backpack? For rock climbing, it is recommended buying the backpack with wider straps. If you just have to carry your books, you can go with thin straps backpack which you can easily slide on and off. Wider straps backpack should be fully adjustable because you can adjust the straps depending on the load you are holding. Check backpack thoroughly before buying it.

Purchase Travel Backpack Online

What do you want it for?

Buying the bag only by keeping this in mind, which items you have to carry. Firstly it should have enough compartments to put the spare stuff and secondly for weight purpose.

Remember, if you're not getting the right backpack, keep trying more until you are satisfied with your choice.

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Monday, 8 May 2017

Crossbody Bags

Cheap Across The Body Bags For Beautiful Ladies

I love the hands free dancing and taking plenty of pictures so that's why I prefer to pick the cross body bag for parties or moving out with friends.

cheap crossbody bags uk 

I know every girl need this type of bag. They come in all sizes, shapes, colours and patterns, for housing tiny items such as wallet, iPhone, lip gloss etc. 

Not only they are chic and economical, but they can also be the secure option on the trip.

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Friday, 5 May 2017

Match A Bag With Your Outfit

Online Collection of Ladies Leather Handbags Cheap

Whenever a good handbag is to be selected, many things have to be kept in mind such as shape, colour, size and design. As a rule of thumb, your handbag should be taken into the main theme of your dress, but it should not be mixed in colour or evenly in print. Ideally, choose the 1 or 2 colours which work well with your outfit. Here is the advice on particular styles and what to wear with them.

Tote Bag
Selection of good tote can easily go with any outfit except evening dress.

Outfit to Choose: trouser, skinny jeans, tunic

The bright colours bag will elevate your clothes from the gloom.

Totes are large enough to carry anything from sunglasses to a beach outfit.

Slouch Handbag
Slouch bag is the great option to change your look. These are comes in good fabrics and textures as well. Always choose the bag opposite to your outfit. With print free clothes, choose the bag that has pattern and detailing.

Outfit to Choose: three-quarter length skinny jeans, dark coloured coat or blazer

For a striking look, roll your sleeves up and team with bangles.

Casual Handbag
The trends of casual bags are also in vogue. These can carry for days out or also add to office outfit. The classic shape gives the best complements the look.

Outfit to Choose: high waist trouser, floral dress, crochet top

If you want to refine your look even more, then take it with dark colour clothes.

Clutch Bag
With evening dresses, formal wear, you can carry the stylish evening clutch. It comes with detachable chain so that you can simply add or remove it as you want.

Outfit to Choose: gowns, plain dress

Never select small clutch that damage your look or clutch is also not too large. 

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Thursday, 4 May 2017

How Do Accessories Make Your Outfit?

We wear the new outfit every day whether it is simple or luxurious…Right? But did we ever think to give a nice look to our clothes? For that, we just need for some accessories.

Let's come to know which accessories can make our outfit stand out.

Add an extra style to your outfit with a stylish scarf. Match it with clothes to give yourself a chic look. Scarf is also used to wrap around shoulders. Keep a set of scarves around you to refine your look.

buy women scarves online uk

Your casual outfit can be classy with a simple hat or cap. This not only protects you from the heat of the sun but also protects your hair from getting worse. Buy caps which suit your personality.

winter hats ladies uk

Watch generally gives the touch of elegance to your look. It says lot about personality. Watches for women are a classic piece that implies their style statement.

Ladies Watch

Who won’t like to wear sunglasses when there is heat outside? Sunglasses make you feel complete. So, flaunt your look and protect your eyes with branded eye wears.
Women Sunglasses

Pairing a simple white shoes or sneakers to any outfit, may it be an informal look or a formal one, you will always look stylish.
Women Sneakers

Jewelry can also add a touch of elegance. Your simple outfit can also look classier with slight gold or silver jewelry pieces such as earrings, pendant, and bracelet.

Women Stylish Jewelry

Mix and match the accessories to the outfit is the best way to redesign the outfit.

Let me know your favourite accessories. You think I may have missed one? Sound off in the comments section.

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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Know Your Tote Bags Types

Women Tote Bags Online


Women's handbags come in many types. It depends on their choice of which bag they want. The tote is also of a kind of handbag whose shape is simple and size is large. The length of tote handles is designed according to the shape and usage. In fact, someone should choose a bag based on their lifestyle and needs. It can be classified depend on many rudiments like size, material, usage, and more. So, if you intend to buy cheap and best tote bags online, then there are wide varieties available to look.

Online Tote Bags for Women

The shape of the tote bag is either in square or bucket. This bag has one or more compartments in which you can easily pack your essential goods. Zipper, turn clasp, magnetic clasp closure is put so that your items does not fall out. To make it attractive, studs, embroidery or side design is used.

Leather Tote Bag

These types of bags are lovely as well as powerful and good for daily use. Apart from others, they are not much decorated. These are made from leather such as suede, faux leather and more. To make what kind of leather has been used, they are then counted as a category of luxury or expensive bags. 

Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas is also a common type and is well-known because of its functionality and sturdiness. Apart from solid color, it is set up in different patterns such as tart, checks or funky. It is sometimes decorated with leather trims, which is helpful in attracting it. Usually, the edges are decorated with zipping fasteners. 

Cotton Tote Bag

Compared to other materials, cotton is very lightweight. You can also carry the other items than daily stuff because they are big in size. Since it’s reusable as well as durable, replace it with polythene bags that are used for grocery items.

Jute Tote Bag

As the name implies, it is made of jute which is a vegetable fiber. Eco-friendly jute totes are the new trend currently. It has a single compartment with magnetic closure for fastening. Along with fashion staples, it is used to carry household goods.

Beach Tote Bag

Nylon, canvas, plastic straws or polyester materials are used to prepare beach tote. It is specially prepared to take it on the beach because the material is helpful to resist the heat, water, and sand. Take big items such as creams, sunglasses, clothes in it and enjoy holidays.

Denim Tote Bag

This bag is made from denim fabric. Zipper, magnetic clasp are normally used to safe the items. With long strong handles, this type of bag is convenient to carry. This is very useful for casual festivals as well as carries water resistant stuff. It comes in blue color on a common scale, but today we can see illustrations, prints to pull the attention of the people.

As different types of tote bags are above explain, now we can easily purchase online tote bags without any mystification. Think where to carry the tote before purchasing it by keeping its style in mind.

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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Women Purse

Cute Kitty Face Women Purse

I am ready to cover up my cash, cards, eye liner, and gloss in this cute purse. Are you? It can easily fit inside a large bag so that we will not be afraid to lose our cash and cards. It’s really a unique thing to carry. Colour is also cool.
Women Purse Online UK
Visit: HaveBest

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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Stylish Women Scarves

Keep yourself warm with lightweight Pashmina Scarves

Soft and delicate comes with beautiful vibrant colours

The best compliment to your attires

Wrap around your neckline or the shoulders

Go ahead and buy women scarves online πŸ‘©

buy scarves online uk

image source


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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Shop Crossbody Bag To Make Life Easier

The cross body bag is a popular accessory that keeps your hands free at the music festival, travel. Cross body bags comes with the long strap, so you can easily hang on your shoulder or wear across the body. Ladies cross body bag gives better security than other handbags because it’s can’t be stolen when your wear across the body. The hands free-form of this sort of bag makes it an incredible "take and go" accessory while liberating you up to not stress over the strain of holding a bag on your shoulder.

Cheap Crossbody Bags UK

Read where you can carry the crossbody bag.

For night parties
No one would prefer to dance with that person who stayed with the bag while others are enjoying. No one also prefers to carry a clutch or be trapped with a large bag also. In that case, the cross body bag is the greatest choice to carry.

Touring requires a ton of strolling. Stressing over your purse is the last thing you need to do. Besides, contingent upon where you are touring, security is imperative. Prefer crossbody bag the next time for an outing. 

With the children
You have children; you have to keep your hands free because it is difficult to carry a kids or bag at the same time. Let’s crossbody do this as it does not disturb you as you are disturbing with the shoulder bag.

As a fashion
No special function is required to carry a cross body bag. You can use it anytime as for college function, outing with friends. Crossbody bags come in all sizes and shapes; from bigger size too little, dainty styles that hold your small items. Stuff for this type of bag varies to some extent, but leather is definitely a favorite. Whatever you pick, you'll certainly get a great satisfaction from it.

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Novelty Handbags and Purses Collection

This season get ready to spice up your outfit. Basic handbags are moved out & novelty shaped handbags are in. Just add a fun to your life with our cutest range of novelty bags and purses.

Carry the novelty purse means you can bring all your belongings in anything.

French Fries
Wear your eating stuff instead of consuming them.

Cute Novelty Bags Online

Colourful Pyramid
Give your style a flawless twist. 

Novelty Shaped Handbags UK Online

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Leather Handbags Guide That Fits You Well

Hey ladies!!!! All we know handbags are just the favourite to all of us. Not only we carry essentials, but also we style our look with the designer leather handbags. Regrettably, it’s not easy to search ones that don’t suck.

Some handbags are in nice look, but not functional or stylish. Conversely, some are functional, but not good looking. That can be the reason of average woman to buy a new bag after few months. Because leather handbags can cost a hundred pound or more than that, you must be sure your investment is worth it.

So, let us know to find the right type of handbag that fits well, don’t put weight on shoulders and gives the great look.

Set Your Purpose

Before purchasing the bag, you must know how you will use it. What you will store in it? What should be the matching outfits? For example, if you want a bag for college purpose, you can go with lightweight cross body bag. For office or business meetings, go with stylish tote bag or shoulder bag that comes with compartments to hold paperwork.

cheap crossbody bags uk 
Crossbody Bag

Handbag Suits Your Body Type

In addition to the bag purpose, you must select a handbag that compliments your body rather then you just choose as a fashion purpose.

Different Body Type Handbag Guide

Give a try to your bag, hold it and check your image in a mirror. If its compliments you, then buy it immediately. 

Everybody has distinctive tastes and choices, however beyond style inclinations, I think we can all concur we need a best handbag that will last more than two or three years and that will fill its need, whether we are holding only a couple of payment cards for a night out or need to schlep around numerous devices for work.

Some signs of inferior handbags include:

Useless Pockets

They might appear like they'd be great for association, but many interior and exterior pockets often too large that your stuff will just fade away forever into.

Unreasonably Heavy

A heavy handbag can put you in a shoulder or back pain. So, the weight of the bag should not go beyond 10% of your body weight.

Deprived Straps

Modifiable straps are best for adaptability and fit, yet in the event that the straps aren't movable, ensure they're not very long or short for your body. Avoid straps that are thin; they'll cut into your shoulders increasingly.

Cheap Materials

Low priced bag are not made with high quality. They are not powerful and flexible. Also, they have flimsy interior lining, loose corners. Avoid such kind of bags. 

Check your handbag for:


The sewing and seaming ought to be steady all through, with no stray threads. Additionally pull on any embellishments like hanging pulls to ensure they aren't free and won't tumble off.

Zipper and Hardware

The best part of the quality bag is how the zipper unlocks or locks. In correspondence to zipper, other closures like clasps should work smoothly.

Straps Joints

The joints where the straps meet the handbag are imperative, since those are high weight regions. Additionally, simple advice to avoid handbags with handles that aren't sewed along the edges of the straps and that are fixed with glue. 

Other fine elements

Infrequently it's the little touches that show off a quality bag. Make sure that bag bottom does not get messy when you put it down, zipper, and external pockets. You can read the quality of the leather bag in my post.

Your handbags should have good looks and a cause of joy for you. Invest in quality ones and they'll last you many years.

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