Friday, 12 May 2017

Different Styles To Wear Scarves

Scarves for Women

Scarf is the most versatile yet stylish clothing accessory. It comes in almost every colour that matches easily with any outfit. But it is difficult to think when you wear it and how you wear it. Of course, you will not able to wear scarves, in the same way, every day. Change is the rule of life, isn’t right? A long scarf can give you the cowls and folds while the square scarf cannot. At that point, you must know to wear one piece of fabric in a million and one ways.

Rectangular Scarf

Men and women use it to give themselves a protection from pollution, heat or tanning.

Let’s know to tie a rectangular scarf in many ways.

Square Shape

1. Wrap a long scarf around the back of your neck so that the closures hang equitably in the front.
2. Tie the closures of the scarf together once at an agreeable separation beneath your throat.
3. Finish the closures again in a similar heading to the wrap-up.

How to tie a scarf in square shape
square shape

Slip Knot

1. Fold scarf fifty-fifty.
2. Drape around the neck, even on both sides.
3. Put the nearest end through the loop.
4. Contort loop over, far from your body.
5. Put remaining end through contorted loop.
6. Draw to wanted tightness. All done!

How to tie a scarf in slip knot
slip knot

DIY Infinity

1. Fold a scarf in half lengthwise.
2. Tie the ends together in a knot form.
3. Now rotate it around your neck twice.
4. Enjoy your infinity scarf.

DIY Infinity Scarf
DIY Infinity

Square Scarf

The Middle East and Saudi Arabian countries have a large popularity of this type of scarf. Along with being stylish, people like to wear it too much. A square scarf is elegant, graceful to style and looks wonderful when worn bundled up.

Let’s see the different ways to tie a square scarf.

The Double Loop

1. Divide the scarf in half and wrap around your neck.
2. Make a loop on the closed end.
3. Pull the other end through the loop.
4. Twist the loop and pull the scarf trough again the loop.

How to tie a scarf in double loop
the double loop


1. Fold a scarf in a triangle shape.
2. Place the ends around the backside of the neck.
3. Tie the ends now.
4. Lets the ends tuck under the front triangle.

How to tie a scarf as a muffler

Head Scarf or Hijab

In hijab style, a woman keeps the body, head, and hairs well covered. It’s usually worn by Muslim ladies. 

Let’s check the different ways to style hijab.

1. Fold the scarf into a triangle and hold it from the chin.
2. Place scarf on your head with one side longer than the other and one underneath the chin.
3. Take longer side and clothe it behind wrapping your head and pass on to the next side.
4. Put the scarf following your head and at the shoulder.
5. Job is done.

Hijab Style

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  2. I think scarfs are one of the best accessories! i especially love DIY infinitely.


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