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Leather Handbags Guide That Fits You Well

Hey ladies!!!! All we know handbags are just the favourite to all of us. Not only we carry essentials, but also we style our look with the designer leather handbags. Regrettably, it’s not easy to search ones that don’t suck.

Some handbags are in nice look, but not functional or stylish. Conversely, some are functional, but not good looking. That can be the reason of average woman to buy a new bag after few months. Because leather handbags can cost a hundred pound or more than that, you must be sure your investment is worth it.

So, let us know to find the right type of handbag that fits well, don’t put weight on shoulders and gives the great look.

Set Your Purpose

Before purchasing the bag, you must know how you will use it. What you will store in it? What should be the matching outfits? For example, if you want a bag for college purpose, you can go with lightweight cross body bag. For office or business meetings, go with stylish tote bag or shoulder bag that comes with compartments to hold paperwork.

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Crossbody Bag

Handbag Suits Your Body Type

In addition to the bag purpose, you must select a handbag that compliments your body rather then you just choose as a fashion purpose.

Different Body Type Handbag Guide

Give a try to your bag, hold it and check your image in a mirror. If its compliments you, then buy it immediately. 

Everybody has distinctive tastes and choices, however beyond style inclinations, I think we can all concur we need a best handbag that will last more than two or three years and that will fill its need, whether we are holding only a couple of payment cards for a night out or need to schlep around numerous devices for work.

Some signs of inferior handbags include:

Useless Pockets

They might appear like they'd be great for association, but many interior and exterior pockets often too large that your stuff will just fade away forever into.

Unreasonably Heavy

A heavy handbag can put you in a shoulder or back pain. So, the weight of the bag should not go beyond 10% of your body weight.

Deprived Straps

Modifiable straps are best for adaptability and fit, yet in the event that the straps aren't movable, ensure they're not very long or short for your body. Avoid straps that are thin; they'll cut into your shoulders increasingly.

Cheap Materials

Low priced bag are not made with high quality. They are not powerful and flexible. Also, they have flimsy interior lining, loose corners. Avoid such kind of bags. 

Check your handbag for:


The sewing and seaming ought to be steady all through, with no stray threads. Additionally pull on any embellishments like hanging pulls to ensure they aren't free and won't tumble off.

Zipper and Hardware

The best part of the quality bag is how the zipper unlocks or locks. In correspondence to zipper, other closures like clasps should work smoothly.

Straps Joints

The joints where the straps meet the handbag are imperative, since those are high weight regions. Additionally, simple advice to avoid handbags with handles that aren't sewed along the edges of the straps and that are fixed with glue. 

Other fine elements

Infrequently it's the little touches that show off a quality bag. Make sure that bag bottom does not get messy when you put it down, zipper, and external pockets. You can read the quality of the leather bag in my post.

Your handbags should have good looks and a cause of joy for you. Invest in quality ones and they'll last you many years.

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