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How To Check The Leather Bag Quality

Leather bag shopping experience can be yours best or vice versa. The market is flooded with replica leather, low quality craftsmanship, and detailing that break down after some time period.

So, in this post, we will spot the main points to check the leather bag quality.

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If you are in doubt as to whether a handbag is real or fake, I will suggest you as not to purchase it. Leather has a natural quality and no man-made will ever have a similar level of value or continuance. Search for “full grain” leather at whatever point conceivable; good leather has not had its surface changed to veil the normal marking on the hide. Bags that are stamped “authentic leather” are typically leather parts taken from the skin backside, stamped with a simulated grain design, and then covered with a dyed surface to look like real leather. This can be deceptive, as these covers up won’t be so delicate or sturdy.


Hide selection (cover up)

Tanning process

These 2 factors eventually determine the quality of the leather. 

The hide selection generally refers to how clean the leather is with respect to the measure of regular checks on the cover up. Leather price is naturally based on the hide cleaning and the animal skin condition.

Tanning is the way toward treating the animal skins to generate leather, making it more solid and less helpless to deterioration. Normally, tanning utilized "tannin", a chemical compound got from the fir trees or bark of oak. Tanning can be executed with either vegetable or mineral techniques. Before tanning, the skins are:
  • Unhaired
  • Degreased
Desalted and put in water over a time of 6 hours to 2 days. Coloring or shading may likewise happen during the tanning procedure.

At last, quality leather ought to have a delicate, sinuous touch that is normally engaging. It should look like any kind of artificial material. It is advisable to avoid rubber-y or plastic-y leathers because they don’t have the powerful strength.


Real leather bag linings are made from strong material and they have long lasting durability. Cheap quality lining reveal the total time duration of the product.

Cleaning the edge surfaces is the lengthy process applies on the leather. Best quality handbags have polished edges done by hand.


Without a zipper, a bag is nothing. Some people compromise without the zipper whiles some not. When a zipper fails, a bag has no use. Brass is the option for a quality zipper, with plating in copper or nickel. The most elevated quality zippers have teeth that are not sharp and a zip-slider that is additionally produced from brass. Most zippers break when the material along the zipper edges has worn through, so you need to search for an exceptionally durable zipper-tape texture. It's also vital that zippers be set into the handbag appropriately and works efficiently, so give it a couple trials to ensure it moves easily and having no pointless rubbing. Finally, the weight and size of the zipper ought to be fitting for the extent of the handbag, thinking of you as will likely overstuff it eventually.

After zippers, hardware is likely the second most successive reason for repair issues. Hardware such as clasps and rings should be made using strong metal however nickel silver, bronze, plated zinc, and copper can also be taken. The hardware finishing ought to be perfect, demonstrating no cast lines, and their size ought to look fitting (and sufficiently solid) for the most extreme capacity and weight of the handbag. All hardware ought to be safely joined, and all edges ought to be strengthened with additional sewing. Not to be hesitant to give the hardware a solid test draw to ensure it's worked to last.


The handle(s) are your primary contact with the leather bag – these ought to feel great/tough in the hand and be created from numerous layers of leather. Handles should be adjustable according to the need. Handles should have an extra layer of sewing to avoid damaging.


It’s does recommend to apply a layer of conditioner to protect the bag from drying out. Never put a handbag that has turned out to be wet in direct sunlight to dry. In this way, the bag shape or colour turned to obsolete. Permit leather to air dry. A conditioner applied all the time will sustain the leather and keep the sewing areas from drying out. Before you layered up with another conditioner, however, it's a smart thought to test on an invisible spot where there is no peril of harming or staining the handbag.

Try not to put leather bags in a fixed plastic bag. Always hold your handbag with both handles (unless it just has one). Quality product gives you many years of enjoyment.

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